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Why We Need Money; How Dunbar’s Number Makes it Inevitable

The idea of money is something that we are all familiar with. It’s a part of our daily lives and we couldn’t survive without it – but why? When humans lived in small tribes, they knew everyone, knew what to expect from everyone, held each other accountable and knew to what extent they could trust […]

Things Are Changing Fast; Is It On Purpose?

In the last few years, many have been crying foul when it comes to the Western world’s political and economic actions. A growing number of people around the globe, including political leaders, have been voicing concerns that a “Great Reset” is being crafted, and done so in a way that would make Machiavelli proud. In […]

Looking at the Stakeholder Economy: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

In recent years, the idea of the stakeholder economy has gained significant traction, particularly in response to the shortcomings of traditional shareholder-centric models. Advocates argue that the stakeholder economy prioritizes the needs and interests of all stakeholders involved in a business, including employees, customers, communities, and the environment, rather than solely focusing on maximizing profits […]

Capital Controls May Be Coming, What Now?

What are Capital Controls Capital controls refer to measures taken by governments or central banks to regulate the flow of money within a country’s economic and banking system or with other countries or other economic and banking systems. These controls are typically implemented to stabilize financial markets, manage currency stability or exchange rates, protect the […]

The Plight of the Wage Slave: Surviving on Less than Living Wage

Often compared to chattel slavery, wherein a class of masters directly owns workers as property, wage slavery refers to a system in which an owning class, through its dominion over land and the means of production, coerces workers into selling their labor. Wage slavery and chattel slavery both involve a form of exploitation and control over […]

Capitalism is Dead; Long Live Neo-Feudalism

The question of whether capitalism is dead or has evolved into something different is a matter of ongoing debate among economists, scholars, and policymakers. Proponents of the argument that capitalism is dead often point to the various crises and inequalities that have emerged within capitalist systems worldwide. These critics argue that the traditional model of […]

Can We Build a System Outside of the System? Let’s Look and See

In a world where conventional economic structures often fail to address the diverse needs and values of communities, the exploration of alternative currencies and economic models is starting to look like the ladder to help us escape the hole that we have dug ourselves into. There is a world of ideas beyond the confines of […]

Should We Ditch Fiat Money? Let’s Explore LETS (Local Exchange Trading Systems)

If you would love to find an alternative to the traditional fiat monetary system, it might be time to take a look at Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS). As our financial world grows increasingly digital and interconnected, these innovative systems are offering a unique approach to commerce that emphasizes equity, accountability, and community. Unraveling the […]