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How To Improve Your Mental Health In Times Of Economic Difficulty

As the world faces unprecedented economic turmoil due to multiple factors like inflation, downsizing, unemployment and economic and political uncertainties, many people are feeling the effects, not just on their wallets, but also on their mental health. The combination of financial strain, job loss, and uncertainty about the future can be overwhelming, leading to increased […]

How To Be Happier By Living Qualitatively

Do What You Do Because…It’s What You Do This is a very important distinction that must be made and it’s very important that everyone understand this distinction. This is the difference between a quantitative life and a qualitative life. The difference between living for things and living for something. This is the philosophical difference between […]

How To Build Economic Inclusion Through Time Banking

In an era marked by economic inequalities, there’s a growing need for innovative solutions that not only address financial disparities but also foster a sense of community and shared responsibility. One such solution gaining in popularity is time banking through, an unconventional approach to currency that goes beyond monetary transactions. How is time banking […]

Are You Prepared For WW3? The Best Steps To Take Now.

Is It Coming? It seems abundantly clear that World War III is either just around the corner or has already started. Even though we, in the United States, have not seen a great deal of hardship as a result of what is going on globally, we certainly will be dramatically impacted in the coming months […]